Washington Dog Breeders
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Alina Deer Park, WA

Very clean facility, we feed the dogs three times a day to keep them healthy.
They sleep in a warm/heated room. They are in a very loving community.
Hoodoo Mountain Aussies Deer Park, WA

Website:   http://www.hoodoohowlers.com/hoodoo
Dog Breeds:   Australian Shepherd
I have raised quality Aussies for over 15 yrs and in 2016 produced my first
litter of corgis. My puppies are great agility, herding, & obedience
prospects, & I usually have a few show prospects in each litter. Please browse
my website for litter pics!
Jody James Deer Park, WA

We are not a kennel, just love corgis. Homegrown and loved!!! Ragnar is a
beautiful red merle with one blue eye and black eyeliner. Very special!!!
Lenny's Girls Deer Park, WA

We are not a kennel, we happen to have two beautiful pomeranians that gave us
some beautiful puppys. What a treat and joy.
Roman Meroshnik Deer Park, WA

Dog Breeds:   Great Pyrenees
Our dogs are farm raised, living with our farm animals, that includes poultry,
sheep, goats, and cattle. The dogs are livestock guardians so they protect our
livestock and our family from the various predators in our area.
Salina Bergen Deer Park, WA

Dog Breeds:   Poodle Standard
Small breeder of AKC Registered Standard Poodles in our home.Loved and handled
every day since birth.Sire and dam are health tested by paw prints genetics-
clear. 509-218-6082 or 509-991-2993
Zinas Bunch Deer Park, WA

Dog Breeds:   Siberian Husky
Our dogs are one of a kind. They live with us at home. They get lots of love
and attention. They have an amazing temperament. People that adopt our huskies
are very pleased and happy with them. We hope you are happy with yours too.
Tanya Deming, WA

Dog Breeds:   Poodle Miniature
I love poodles and Maltese they are smart, hypoallergenic and a lot of fun for
me and my kids!They love to run around my yard and sit on my lap for a family
movie night.They are my stress relief and keep us busy with lots of fun and
joy in our home!
John Depaul Des Moines, WA

Pearlinhaus Shepherds E. Columbia River Gorge, WA

Website:   http://gsd4all.wixsite.com/oldstylfamilyshphrds/pearlinha...
Dog Breeds:   German Shepherd Dog
We raise old style GSDs, ONLY GSDs, & we raise them as naturally as possible.
We DNA Health Screen for 150 inherited issues (DM, MDR1, Eyes, Neurological,
Musculoskeletal,etc). Get to know us @
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